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We are delighted to introduce you to the Turnditch & Windley Parish Council website and to our beautiful Parish. Whether you are a resident, visitor or potential business, the web site's intention is to provide a welter of information about the Parish and the Parish Council - all with the aim of making the Parish a better place to live, visit or work. The site will be developed continuously and we invite all residents, at the onset, to contribute to its future content.

It's for everyone…

We want the Parish to thrive and so drawing together all parts of the community is one of the Parish Council's primary concerns. Our web site covers both Turnditch & Windley. Wherever you live, our aim is to ensure that the Parish Council represents you fully.

…and for visitors, too.

We warmly invite you to browse the site, whether for future Council meetings dates, information on who is on the Council, the latest planning information, both within the Parish and Amber Valley as a whole, or what's on in the Parish.

Turnditch & Windley Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We strive to make Turnditch & Windley a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Find local groups and businesses in our Directory. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

Turnditch is a hillside village that lies on the A517 Belper to Ashbourne road on its steep climb out of the Ecclesbourne valley.

Before it was turnpiked in 1764 this road, the A517, which crosses the Ecclesbourne at the foot of the hill below the Cross Keys pub, was a track through the Duffield Frith, a former Royal hunting forest which consisted of dense woodland in places interspersed with stretches of sweeping open countryside where most of the farms now sit.

The long, low aislelss Turnditch Church of All Saints was built in the 13th century as a chapel of ease to Duffield and to serve forest officials and the few other inhabitants in that part of the forest. It has been enlarged over the years, most notably by Giles and Brookhouse of Derby, in 1882-84 when they gave it a new chancel. The date 1630, cut into a massive stone lintel above a door on the south side presumably commemorates an earlier extension.

The first pupils entered Turnditch National school in 1846, which has been much altered over the last 150 years, enhanced in appearance by the school clock built over the school porch by John Smith of Derby, probably around 1905. The pupils from the nearby rural village of Windley also attend the school.

Latest News

Neighbourhood Plan Drop In and Biodiversity Recording Workshop Sunday 24th October 12 - 4pm - Crompton Inglefield Village Hall

Posted: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 08:09 by Laura Storey

Dear All,

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has organised a 'Drop In' for you to find out more about what's happening with the Turnditch & Windley Neighbourhood Plan. We also have a Biodiversity specialist in attendance who will be offering training in recording and identification of our trees and hedges as well as monitoring important indicator species.

We would love everyone to come along, even if you just poke your head round the door for a cuppa :-) More »

Brief Update:

Earlier this year, we circulated a questionnaire to everyone in both Turnditch & Windley. We had almost 60% return rate, which reflects how passionate our local community is about where we live. Volunteers have spent quite a significant amount of time uploading the data gathered from each question and we have created a display and a Powerpoint to show you the findings. These will be at the Village Hall for you to examine.

From the results of the questionnaire, we have formulated 3 draft Visions which we want you to comment on. From the visions, we will formulate the policies (with support from a consultant from Urban Vision) that will make your Neighbourhood Plan useful and relevant. Your Neighbourhood Plan will be referred to by any prospective developers and the Amber Valley Planning and Development Team.

There were many topics you were passionate about and we have begun to address some of them already.

  • Traffic speed on Ashbourne Road, Turnditch. - we now have a Community Speedwatch group who will be gathering evidence soon
  • Insensitive development - we have engaged a consultant to help us create Design Codes - these will provide maximum clarity about design expectations at an early stage and will reflect local character and preferences.
  • Loss or threat to species and/or habitats/ losing distinctive rural landscape character - we have commissioned a Biodiversity Report and are looking to train up local volunteers to collect records/ sightings/ ongoing observations to enable us to understand more about our flora and fauna.
  • Community activities/events/shop/cafe - we recognise we do not have a 'village centre' as such but many are looking for a village identity and a sense of community. To this end we are looking for ideas and locations for opportunities to meet each other - social walks, swap shops, community cafe/shop, photography group, tree planting and hedgerow improvement/ hedgelaying? etc etc If you are a member of group who need participants/ have vacancies or spare places please come along and tell everyone about it.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th October » Less


Posted: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 09:13 by Laura Storey

Openreach is launching a scheme to try and bring full fibre 'gigabit capable' broadband to 96 properties in Turnditch. This is the fastest, most future proofed broadband service that we are currently rolling out across the UK. Unfortunately not all areas are commercially viable for Openreach to rollout services to alone so we are exploring other ways in which we can do this.

Turnditch properties are eligible for Government funding under the Gigabit broadband voucher scheme and we are encouraging households to pledge a voucher to help fund the 'gap cost' of the scheme (i.e. the part of the costing that isn't commercially viable for Openreach). If we can get enough voucher pledges the project will move into delivery and full fibre broadband services will be available to these properties within 12 months of that date.