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Welcome to the Turnditch and Windley Neighbourhood Plan page

Background to the Turnditch and Windley Neighbourhood Plan

Following the 2010 general election, one of the coalition government's key priorities was to enable communities to have a greater say in planning and development that impacted on their neighbourhoods. The goal was not to prevent development, but to ensure that the views of the local community were considered when planning decisions are made.

Neighbourhood Planning was formally introduced by the Localism Act 2011, which, along with associated regulations, lays out all the processes for preparing and putting in place a Neighbourhood Plan. These plans are an important tool in controlling how development takes place in a community.

The possibility of a Neighbourhood Plan for Turnditch and Windley was first raised with the Turnditch and Windley Parish Council several years ago. After some deliberation, the council decided to call a public village meeting to gauge the level of community interest in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. This village meeting was held at Crompton Inglefield Hall on the 28th February 2020. There was a magnificent turnout of 63 people from both Turnditch and Windley. A representative from the Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee gave us a very interesting presentation on the process they followed to develop their Neighbourhood Plan.

At this meeting, the Parish Council called for a show of hands to indicate support for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. Those present were overwhelmingly in favour. The chair of the meeting then asked for volunteers to work alongside the Parish council in developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Turnditch and Windley. Twelve people raised their hands as interested in being involved, and their names were taken by the Clerk. The Parish Council met the following Monday.

It was agreed at that meeting that the Parish Council will support and promote the efforts by a village-based Neighbourhood Steering Group to develop the plan. This includes supporting with the applications for grants and supervision of the expenditure, as well as generally overseeing the process as they are responsible for submitting the Neighbourhood Plan to AVBC. 7 of the people who volunteered to help were present at the meeting and had a short informal meeting to discuss the way forward. Sam Maw, of Windley offered to email all those who expressed an interest in being involved to invite them to a meeting to establish a Steering Group.

Then Covid 19 happened and the establishment of a formal Steering Group was hampered by the inability to meet. Over the next few months, several emails were circulated, and a mailing list was slowly developed of more interested parties and a meeting was arranged at the Tiger on 27th July 2020. ( See below for the minutes of that meeting ) This meeting had to be restricted in numbers in order to reflect the government restrictions in place at the time, but it was felt that it was important to hold the meeting in order to move forward in developing the Neighbourhood Plan. The main outcome of this meeting was the agreement that, before we establish a formal steering group, we needed to:

A) inform every resident of both Turnditch and Windley of the plans to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and

B) Ask every household whether they support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan that addresses both Windley and Turnditch.

See below for the flyer that was kindly distributed by volunteers to every house in both Turnditch and Windley, 209 of them. We had 84 questionnaires returned which is a very good 41% of the households. Of those households, only 3 did not support the development of a combined Neighbourhood Plan and there was 1 undecided. These figures were reported to the Parish Council on the 8th September and it was agreed that due to the overwhelming support for the plan, the parish Council would inform AVBC that we would be preparing a Neighbourhood Plan with the whole of Turnditch Parish and Windley Parish as the designated area.

Once AVBC agrees to the proposed area, then the formal process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan will have officially begun.

The next stage is to organise the Steering Group into a properly constituted group, with a chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 or 4 Themed leads. More information to come.

Documents relating to the Neighbourhood Plan can be found by clicking here

The designation of the parishes of Turnditch and Windley as a Neighbourhood Area was agreed on 4 November 2020.