Turnditch & Windley Parish Council

Serving the people of Turnditch & Windley

Clerk RFO: L Storey
P O Box 8108, Derby
Derbyshire DE1 0ZU

Tel: 07941 052009

The Steering Group

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering group will endeavour to meet regularly (whether over Zoom or in real life) and report back to the Parish Council (probably on a bi -monthly basis) to allow the Parish Council to maintain sufficient oversight of the process. In addition, there will be a Turnditch and a Windley Parish Councillor on the Steering Group.

Current members are, in alphabetical order.

Andy Layzell Windley

Anna Pollard Windley Parish Councillor

Anthony Smith Turnditch

Charlie Bryer Turnditch Parish Councillor

Charles Holmes Turnditch

Christine Sutton Windley

Dana Copestake Turnditch

David Parsonage Windley

Derek Swaine Turnditch

Gloria Cooke Turnditch

Jill London Windley and Turnditch – used to live in Turnditch

Sarah Warner Windley

Kim Bond Windley

Margaret Swaine Turnditch

Michael Copestake Turnditch

Sally Wood Turnditch

Sam Maw Windley

Stephen Millward Windley

Vicky Williams Turnditch

For any questions or to volunteer, please contact either:

Sam Maw (acting Coordinator) sallymaw@gmail.com or Laura Storey ( Clerk to the Parish Council) clerk@turnditchandwindleyparishcouncil.org.uk